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Welcome to Chu Yu Space. Here I share the works I had worked on during the study at TU Delft in the Netherlands. 

About Me

Chu Yu Liang, a Taiwanese architectural designer based in The Netherlands, has nearly six years of experience in architectural practice with projects in Taiwan and China. She has been engaged in various projects, including housing, sports centers, long-term care facilities, libraries, and village revitalization. While working for previous firms, she participated in all project processes. Therefore, she clearly understands the steps required for an architectural practice. In addition to these architectural projects, she further built up her architectural professional skills by studying in the Master’s program at TU Delft from 2021 to 2023. In the Master’s program, she studied in the Heritage of Architecture studio and the Dwelling studio, where her design and research methodology gradually developed. 
This website is a collection of architectural projects from 2021 to 2023; each project represents her understanding of architecture.

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Another Me

Beyond my architectural pursuits, I am deeply passionate about dance, specializing in Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, and Balboa. Dancing serves as a holistic outlet, maintaining the health and balance of my body, mind, and spirit. It's a remarkable stress reliever that complements both my professional endeavors.


Engaging actively in training, competition, and teaching, I currently find joy in sharing my expertise at Blue Suede Shoes. Collaborating with dancer Lucía Celeste, we teach three levels of Lindy Hop, contributing to the vibrant dance community we are a part of.

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Follow my dance account and know more about another me.

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Interviewed by Jason Hsu on PrideVoice podcast (Spoken Language: Mandarin Chinese)

Work Experience

Aug. 2013- Nov. 2016

Taipei, Taiwan

Project Designer

Jun. 2018- Feb. 2020

Beijing, China

Jan. 2021- Jun. 2021

Deng Chi Yu Architect.

Taichung, Taiwan

Project Designer

  • Starbucks Design | SD+DD

  • Facade Renovation Design | SD

  • Housing Projects | SD+BP

* SD: Schematic Design

* DD: Design Development

* BP: Building Permit

* CD: Construction Documents

* CA: Contract Administration


Sep. 2021- Jul. 2023

Delft University of Technology

Master of Science,  Master Architecture, Urbanism and Building Science

Sep. 2009- Jun. 2013

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Architecture, Department of Architecture

  • Overall GPA: 85.28/100

Mar. 2012- Jun. 2012

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, United States

Exchange Program, Draprtement of Architecture

  • Overall GPA:  3.59/ 4.0

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