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January 2021


Ulft, The Netherlands

SSP HAL, situated within the DRU Industriepark in Ulft, stands as a significant industrial heritage site. Constructed and expanded across various periods to meet the demands of the iron industry, the site has undergone reuse and renovation efforts since 2008, thanks to the collaborative initiatives of the local community and authorities.

The unique character of the industrial park is defined by its hybrid architectural language and structure. Presently, it serves temporary purposes, hosting exhibitions and specific events. However, its potential is not fully realized, as it remains inaccessible when not in use. Recognizing this underutilization, our project responds to a new set of demands outlined by the local authority, including provisions for a hotel, event hall, and restaurant.

The evident enthusiasm of the authorities to draw people to this distinctive building underscores its potential for reuse, a key aspect in preserving heritage structures. Acknowledging that a building, without active users, remains an empty shell, our goal is to not only conserve its original values but also employ strategic design interventions to enhance its less obvious attributes.

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